Junior High Athletics


Here is the 9th Grade soccer team, sent by John Guthrie.

1st Row:  Eddie Finkle, Ted Gross, ?, John Guthrie, Don Meroth, Billy Walker, Rich Thomason, Bob Morrill (nice socks, Bobby), Frank Prout
2nd Row:  ?, Charlie Smart, Wally Skilling, Dickie Orton, Roger Fishman, Alex?, ?, Bruce Gibson, ?, Dave Williams, Steve Ullman, ?, Howard Morgan,
3rd Row:  Steve Mickley, ?, Mark Teagan,?,?,?,?, Gerry McSweeney, ?, Mr. Bacon

Junior High Football Team sent by Kevin Clifford.

Front row, ?, John Kerry, Frank Boland, Jim Alt, Tony Lerro, George Dahlquist, Jim Brown. Second row-Ricky DeStephano, Dan Kelley, Dick McCormick, Peter Pietz, Arnie Parseghian, Paul Larkin, Alan Bryant, John Kollias, John Johnson. Third row Coach Vin Conroy, ?, ? , Joe Hennebury, Jim Gahan, Wayne Burton, John McKinnon, Glenn Elton, Bob Wilsinski, ? , ?, ?, ? Joe Maletta, Coach Walker. Back row, Stan Von Meyerhouser, George Scarfo, Kevin O'Brien, ? , ? , Owen Carney, Kevin Clifford, ? ? ,? Chuck Coughlin, Paul Crabtree, ? , ?

Paul Larkin did his best at identification. Any additions let us know!

Here is the 8th grade Basketball team, sent in by John Guthrie.

1st Row: John Guthrie, Stan von Mayrhauser, Paul Larkin, Dick McCormick, Lloyd Carmichael, Richard Vernon
2nd Row: Jim Brown, Larry Devine, Al Bryant, Dave Martin, Don Meroth, Wayne Burton, George Ruprecht

John also comments on the kneepads:  We used to wear them around our calves when we weren't playing and then pull them up when we practiced or played a game.  I never noticed everyone pulling theirs up for the picture, but I distinctly remember the photographer saying "put your kneepads together." I obviously didn't understand that the same way everyone else did. 

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