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BHS 1961

Welcome to the Belmont High School Class of 1961 web site!

This is a brand new web site, just in time for the 50th Reunion! The goal of this website is to bring us closer together, to bring back memories, to find out who we have become. The success of this web site depends on us, the class of 1961.

Anyone with memories, pictures, stories, or anything else to share, please let me know!


Since our class will have no more reunions, why not send a short update on your goings on, along with photos, to our website administrator, Bill Clark at A nice way to keep things connected - tell you what, I will send him one and wait to read yours! Paul Larkin.

Mark Rogers : Way too many years have gone by and I still remember Belmont. As a matter of fact I volunteer at Copper Mtn Resort in Colorado as part of the Ski Patrol and my name tag says hometown "Belmont Ma" which gets a lot of notice from the easterners who got to get out here and enjoy the powder. Jane and I moved to Colorado in 1972 and raised two daughters into adulthood. We have a house in Summit Co as well as in Arvada Co and would not think about another place to live. I spent 44 years in the Oil and Gas industry as a Geophysicist and Geologist and retired in my 70th year of life. This was after graduating with a BS from San Diego State Univ. Started work in Houston for Texaco and for 2 years learned to dislike the State of Texas only to have to return to Dallas for another 2 years during the mid eighties collapse. I went to SDSU because I liked San Diego after being in the Marine Corp Air Wing Reserve during Vietnam. I was never activated but Jane and I toured Vietnam and Cambodia several years ago and found the people to be very friendly. Since retirement we have travelled to Turkey, Peru, China/Tibet, S Africa, Europe Eastern Cities, Scotland/England,Switzerland and many others Most tours were with Smartours, a very good tour Company. We are in excellent health and behaving during Covid Cheers to all Mark and Jane Rogers (the picture is us in South Africa)
Paul Larkin: In September, Alicia and I celebrated 50 years married. Amazing someone would put up with me that long. We live in East Sandwich about 300 yds from Cape Cod Bay, lucky us to have wound up in such a nice spot, that is a long story. Currently, our travel has been on hold, we have gone quite a few places in the last 20 yrs, which is about when I retired from the great 3M Co, where, for most of my time, I was a sales manager up and down the east coast, selling magnetic tapes and other computer products. So now, it is lots of golf and taking care of our home and travel to Florida in the winter. My oldest girl, Shana, has a soph at Univ of VA, an A 1 golfer, and an 11th grade HS daughter, actress and singer with a voice to kill. She and Tim live in Williamsburg VA. My other girl, Jenith, lives in Plymouth with Dan and 13 year old Liam and almost 12, Owen, both into hockey and baseball much to my delight. Other than golf, my athletic days ended the day after my 77th birthday with an extruded disk in my lower back, it is coming along nicely so I am back to doing the things I like to do that keep me busy and otherwise healthy. So thats my report, as promised in the AFBHS notice, lets hear from you!

Donation to Alumni and Friends of Belmont High School

There are no more reunions planned for our class, so the left over funds from reunion collections have been donated to AFBHS in the class's name. Erich Ippen, Class of '58 and treasurer of AFBHS sent a letter to Susan Gilkie and our class thanking us for the gift:

"Major thanks to you and the Class of 1961 for the generous 50th reunion gift of
$600. Giving to the Scholarship Fund was a very thoughtful and generous idea of
yours and your reunion committee. I hope that you all had a great time, full of fun
exchanging BHS memories and becoming reacquainting with classmates not seen
for a while. Your donation will be credited to the Class of 1961 Fund in the
permanent endowment as well as help with the annual scholarships next June."

The full text of the letter is here.

John Guthrie, Bob Murray, and Paul Larkin get together at least once a year, usually with Donnie Meroth. They sent this picture from this year's gathering. Donnie couldn't make it this year but was there in spirit!

John Guthrie, Paul Larkin, Donnie Meroth, and Bob Murray went to the BC, Duke basketball game today (12/9/2017) and had a great time. (BC won!). They are four of the starting five members of the Belmont High School 1961 basketball team. John Burrill, class of 62, was the other starter playing the point who has since passed away. For the fun of it from left to right our positions were, John (the 3 small forward), Paul (the 2 shooting guard but he did it all), Donnie (the 4 power forward) and Bob (the 5 center).

Paul Larkin sent in a link to a video on the Golf Channel featuring Joe Monahan. Joe's son Jay is the new PGA Tour Commisioner. Check out the video here.

From the Belmont Citizen: David Reid and Kevin O達rien, track teammates and members of the class of 1961 at Belmont High School, visit the track they used to run in high school.

David Reid and Kevin O達rien, track teammates and members of the class of 1961 at Belmont High School, recently walked the cross country course they had run as students. They started at the old high school location, now the Wellington School, out School Street, up the Washington Street hill to the Chenery Middle School, left on Goden Street to the reservoir, around it and home. Running it now was out of the question for both men. A course that they covered in under fifteen minutes as teenagers took them an hour and five minutes to walk. And there were frequent rest stops.

O達rien was the captain and star of five state championship track teams while at BHS. As a 15-year-old sophomore he won the national indoor high jump championship at Madison Square Garden. He was a perennial Massachusetts state champion in both the high jump and the high hurdles. Reid was the co-captain of the cross country team. He was the Middlesex League mile champion and was a state bronze medalist in the old Boston Garden.

O達rien went on to captain the track team at Holy Cross, often winning five events and won numerous individual titles in both the high jump and the high hurdles at regional meets throughout the Northeast. He also competed in the high jump against Olympic gold medalist Valery Brumel and silver medalist John Thomas.

Reid attended Brown where he was a member of a New England gold medal cross country team and an IC4A bronze medal team.

After a career in city planning, O達rien retired as the Town Planner for Arlington. Reid spent his career as an English teacher and writer. The last 20 years of his career he served as the English Chairman at Minuteman Tech in Lexington.


John Guthrie, Don Meroth, Paul Larkin and Bob Murray at a recent BC hoop game! Lets get some more recent pictures posted!
More current pictures here.

Anyone else who has a picture to send, either current or from school days, please send them in!

20th Reunion May 23, 1981

We have a new slide show of the 45th Reunion! Click here!

Here's a slide show from the 25th Reunion.


Elementary School Pictures

Since this web site is about our history, and we didn't just meet when we got to High School, we thought it would be fun to look at some pictures from Elementary School. If anyone has any pictures from elementary school, please let me know. Junior High School pictures would be great also!

Audrey Brown Martin sent in the names of everyone in the Junior High picture! She also sent in 5th and 6th grade pictures from Kendall. Pat Crosby sent in the St Joseph's graduation photo. Howard Coffin sent in some Kendall and Butler photos. Ellen Isenstein and Nancy McNiff sent in Payson Park pictures. Paul Larkin has sent a set of Winn Brook pictures posted here! John Guthrie has also sent some Winn Brook pictures. Bob Murray has sent in some Kendall and Burbank photos. How about some of the other schools?

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