Pictures from High School and Before

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The idea of this page is to share some pictures from the days when we saw each other all the time. Pictures from games, dances, part time jobs, whatever. We hope this will catch on and that you'll send us some pictures! Let me know if you have pictures to share and we'll arrange to get them posted.

Junior Prom

Don Meroth sent this Junior Prom picture from after the dance at Montcello Restaurant in Framingham. Don is on the right with his date, Christine Martin.

Powder Puff Game, 1960?

Front - Judy Boujicanian, Linda Stone, Sharon Stoakes, ?, Macia Bacheus, Pam Burroughs
Middle - Barbara Lambros, Barbara Venesi, Diane Griffen?, Elaine Stack, Maureen Sheehy
Rear - Pat Crosby, Jane Woodbury, Mary Hutton, Beth Rooney (picture from Pete Pietz)

Here's a picture of Paul Larkin taken on Jane Woodbury's front steps.

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