Payson Park School

Payson Park is represented! Any Payson Park kids able to send pictures of the other grades?

Second Grade - Miss Rolf's Class. Front row: Larry DiMaggio?, ? ? ? ? Lester Ludlam?, Ellen Isenstein, Anita Denault, Joanne Amici, Robert Hanf?
Second row: Joseph Egan? ? Billy Gallagher? Lenore Silvestro, ? ? Joyce Ellis, ?
Third Row: Miss Rolf, ? David Carey, ? ? Margaret Dearborn, Roberta Rundlett, Ralph Ganick ?

Photo from Ellen Isenstein

Back Row: Tommy Sellers, Joanne Hosmer, Susan Knuepfer, Thelma MacLeod, Patty Powers, Priscilla Grant, Larry Devine, John Stone.
Middle Row: John Miller, Lloyd Carmichael, Joe Sheehy, Nancy McNiff, Jane Westby, Sue Heaslip with the ringlets, Mary Ann Fasciano, Kenny Sylvester, Robert Heintz.
Front Row: (Photo from Nancy McNiff O'Brien) Updated 9/12/11


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