Class Pictures from the Yearbook

We now have two pages of "Then and Now" pictures! There are some blanks, to leave room for people who haven't sent pictures yet. The idea is to include the yearbook photo of anyone of which we have a current photo. You can roll over (almost) any picture to see a current picture. On many of them, you can click to see another current picture, or sometimes a page, depending what was sent me. Anything can be used as a current picture, including a collage. Spouse, kids, grand kids and pets can be included, as long as you are there too. If there are extra people in the picture, be sure to tell me who they are. I can make the collage if you send me multiple pictures.


Ted Anagnoson
Jonathan Ayer
Judy Barnes
Lenora Borrello
Yvonne Bourget
Frank Casilio
Kevin Clifford
Howard Coffin
Gerry Driscoll
Deanna Duca
Mary Ruth Flynn
John Guthrie
Ellen Isenstein
Karneg Kouyomjian
Paul Larkin
Anthony Lerro
Janet Long


If you sent me multiple "now" pictures and I picked the wrong one. let me know. If you aren't here, send me a picture! Your face in the picture needs to be large enough to replace the yearbook picture. Larger pictures are better, I can always cut them down. Send them to

Thanks to Frank Casilio for loaning me his yearbook!

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