Winn Brook School

Here are some Winn Brook pictures. You can click these to enlarge them.

These pictures are from Yvonne Bourget, John Guthrie, and Paul Larkin. I believe there were at least two classes in each grade. Does anyone have pictures from the other classes?

Winn Brook Kindergarten 1948-1949

Back Row: Teacher, Miss Ditchett, Stephen Livingston, David Williams, ?, Gail Bramley, Claire Nahigian, Judy McLean, ?, ?, Ricky Johnston, Teacher.
Middle Row: Raymond Smith, Christopher McAuliffe, Charlotte Vasil, Charlotte Jackson, Deborah Stone, Linda Stone, Beverly Sahagian, Carol Murray, David Dacey, Terry O'Connell.
Front Row: Kathy Cowhig, ?, Yvonne Bourget, ?, Sharon Stokes, David Berman, Judy Boujicanian, Gerald McSweeney, Ann Orchard, Henry Hughes, ?. (Photo from Yvonne Bourget) Updated 9/7/11


Winn Brook First Grade 1949-1950

Back Row: Genevieve Murphy, Ruth Shurrocks, Paul Larkin, Marilyn Lamar, Alan Bryant, Judy McLean, Donald Guy, Gail Bramley.
Middle Row: Teacher, Ms. Enright, Stephen Livingston, Claire Nahigian, Dickie Orton, Joyce Putnam, David Dacey, Walter Dinsmore, Mary Jean Adams, Bobby McCarthy, Jane Woodbury.
Front Row: Janet Strazzula, Malcolm Selver, Carol Sherman, David Berman, Charlotte Jackson, Michael Koslosky, Patti Liberman, Terry O'Connell, Kathleen Sweeney, Frankie Silva, Judy Boujicanian. (Photo from Paul Larkin) Updated 9/17/11

Back Row: ?, Ricky Johnson, Ruth Shurrocks, Ann Wilson, Bruce Gibson, ?.
Middle Row: Teacher, David Williams,?, ?, Carol Murray, Beverly Sahagan, Virginia McAdam?, ?, Charlotte Vasil, Jim Belanger.
Front Row: David Reid, Christopher McAuliffe, Kathy Cowhig, Gail Richardson, Joyce Pascoe, Linda Stone, Judson Hill, Aldreth Ockenga, Yvonne Bourget, Raymond Smith, ?.
(Photo from Yvonne Bourget) Updated 9/17/11


Winn Brook Second Grade 1950-1951

Back Row: Allen Clemo, Billy Newcombe, Donald Guy, Rodney De Vellis, Ronald Santurjian, Richard Johnston, Eddie Katz, Raymond Smith, David Berman.
Middle Row: Anthony Sherino, Margaret Tully, Gail Bramley, Cynthia Ohlin, Ruth Shurrocks,, Claire Nahigian, Beverly Sahagan, Paul Larkin.
Front Row: Carol Gordon, Charlotte Vasil, Virginia McAdam, Jane Woodbury, Susan Hymen, Joyce Putnam, Rebecca Mercer, Ann Orchard. (Photo from Paul Larkin) Updated 8/31/11

Back Row: Teacher, Mrs. Good, Bruce Gibson, John McKinnon, Chris McAuliffe, Bobby McCarthy, Judson Hill, Dickie Orton, David Dacey, Michael Koslosky.
Middle Row: Gordon Kiefer, ?, Margaret Harrison, Marilyn Lamar, Gail Richardson, Deborah Willard, Carol Murray, David Williams, John Guthrie.
Front Row: Barbara Clive, Linda Stone, Judy Boujicanian, Ann Wilson, Kathy Cowhig, Carol Sherman Aldryth Ockenga, Kathleen Sweeny. (Photo from John Guthrie)
Updated 9/17/11

Back Row: Teacher, Miss Hennessey, ?, Jim Belanger, David Reid, Gerald McSweeney, ?, Alan Bryant, ?, Malcolm Selver, ?, ? , Teacher.
Middle Row: Terry O'Connell, Fred Ferris, Carol Murray, ?, Kathleen Sweeny, Susan Nelson, ?, Steve Livingston, Michael Citro, Walter Dinsmore?
Front Row: Patricia Liberman, Yvonne Bourget, Deborah Stone, ?, Janet Strazzula, Joyce Pascoe, Charlotte Jackson, Sharon Stokes, Maritza Healer. (Photo from Yvonne Bourget)
Updated 9/17/11

Winn Brook Third Grade 1951-1952

Back Row: Ruth Shurrocks, Deborah Willard, Marilyn Lamar, Paul Larkin, Joyce Putnam, Ronnie Santurjian, Maritza Healer, Charlotte Jackson, John McKinnon.
Middle Row: Bruce Gibson, Charlotte Vasil, Stephen Livingston, Kathy Cowhig, Judson Hill, Lynn Wight, Michael Citro, Judy Howe, David Reid.
Front Row: Susan Hyman, Dick Orton, Sharon Stokes, David Berman, Gail Joyce, Walter Dinsmore, Aldryth Ockenga, Eddie Katz, Rebecca Mercer. (Photo from Paul Larkin)
Updated 9/17/11

Miss McLean's Class: Back Row: John Guthrie, Alan Bryant, ?, ?, Brian Richardson, Fred Ferris.
Middle Row: Gordon Kiefer, Terry O'Connell, Barbara Clive, Diana Mick, Carol Gordon, Bobby McCarthy.
Front Row: David Williams, Malcolm Sever, Virginia McAdam, Jane Woodbury, Linda Stone, Anthony Sharino, ? (Photo from John Guthrie)
Updated 9/17/11


Winn Brook Fourth Grade 1952-1953

Back Row: Gordon Kiefer, John Guthrie, Gail Bramley, Margaret Harrison, Marilyn Lamar, Carol Murray, Lind Loomis, Jacqueline McCabe, Paul Larkin, Bruce Gibson.
Middle Row: Stephen Livingston, Brian Richardson, Beverly Sahagen, Barbara Clive, Carol Gordon, Jane Woodbury, Kenneth Auogenti, Terry O'Connell.
Front Row: Dick Orton, David Berman, Bill Rudman, Lynn Wight, Judy Boujicanian, Linda Stone, Gail Joyce, Raymond Smith, Gerald McSweeney. (Photo from Paul Larkin)
Updated 8/31/11

Winn Brook Fifth Grade 1953-1954

Back Row: Gordon Kiefer, ?, Ruth Shurrocks, Linda Loomis, Carol Murray, Robert Picthall.
Middle Row: Paul Larkin, Malcolm Selver, Joyce Putnam, Jane Woodbury, Gail Richardson, Barbara Clive, Kathy Cowhig, Chris McAuliffe, Terry O'Connell.
Front Row: Fred Ferris, David Reid, Lynn Wight, Joyce Pascoe, Deborah Stone, Rebecca Mercer, Raymond Smith, David Berman. (Photo from Paul Larkin)
Updated 9/17/11

Miss Tracy's Class: Back Row: Ricky Johnson, Alan Bryant, Mary Hutton, Gail Bramley, Jackie McCabe, Marilyn Lamar, Beverly Sahagan, John Guthrie, Ronald Santurjian.
Middle Row: George Kelcher, Margaret Harrison, Adele Green, Diana Mick, Charlotte Jackson, Carol Gordon, Ann Wilson, Bryan Richardson, Bruce Gibson.
Front Row: Dickie Orton, Billy Rudman, Linda Stone, Judy Boujicanian, Gail Joyce, Patti Liberman, Anthony Sharino, Gerry McSweeney. (Photo from John Guthrie)
Updated 9/17/11

Winn Brook Sixth Grade 1954-1955

Back Row: John Guthrie, George Kelleher, Carol Murray, Margaret Harrison, Ruth Shurrocks, Alan Bryant, David Reid, Paul Larkin.
Middle Row: Terry O'Connell, Bill Rudman, Eddie Katz, Barbara Clive, Kathy Cowhig, Jackie McCabe, Marilyn Lamar, Chris McAuliffe, Kenneth Auogenti, Eddie Finkle.
Front Row: Patricia Liberman, Debbie Stone, Judy Boujicanian, Charlotte Jackson, Carol Gordon, Jane Woodbury, Joyce Putnam. (Photo from Paul Larkin)
Updated 8/31/11

Pictures of the old Winn Brook School and 1949 teachers are from the Class of1957 Website. Pictures provided by Ted O'Connell.

Winn Brook Christmas Play

Back Row: Dickie Orton, Edward Katz, Stephen Livingston, Gail Joyce, Charlotte Vasil, Aldryth Ockenga, Sharon Stokes, Paul Larkin, Walter Dinsmore, Carol Murray?, Judson Hill, Marilyn Lamar, Rebecca Mercer, Kathy Cowhig.
Middle Row: Judith Howe, Bruce Gibson, Ruth Shurrocks, Johnnie McKinnon, Ronald Santurjian.
Front Row: Charlotte Jackson, David Reid, Michael Citro, Debbie Willard. (Photo from Peter Pietz) Updated 8/31/11

This was a cub scout meeting in the gym at Winn Brook School (where we also had assemblies, gym classes with Miss Kohler, and woodworking with Mr. Vaughn.) The man in the middle is Red Sox centerfielder Jimmy Piersall, who lived on Claflin Street in a rented house that was used by several Red Sox players over the years, including the pitcher Tommy Brewer. I don't recognize most of these kids, because they were younger, but here are a few I do know. Starting in the bottom left of the first row, are Alan Bryant and Malcolm Selver. I recognize a few of the other faces in that row, but I don't know any of the names. In the second row, starting from the RIGHT, I don't remember the first person, but the second one is Ron Santurjian, the third is Ricky Johnson, and the fifth (in the white shirt) is Eugene Lovett. In the third row I don't remember any of the names except the third person from the left, partly behind the row, is Donny Snowden. In the fourth row, the first person is Fred Ferris, and the fourth is Bruce Gibson. Just beyond Piersall, the second person is Michael Citro, in front of him is Tommy Sullivan, and the last two in that row are John Guthrie and Gordon Kiefer. In front of John Guthrie is George Keleher. Photo and caption from John Gutherie.

Here is some history on Winn Brook Schools, submitted by Bob Hughes (Class of 1959):

In 1928 the town acquired eight acres of farmland bordering the Winn Brook for school,park, or recreational purposes.  $13,000.00 was appropriated for this purpose.  In 1935 the Winn Brook School was built on this site with Miss Eva Burns as the 1st principal.  There were initially 314 pupils in grades K-6, 10 teachers and one janitor.  In 1952 the principal became Mr. Robert L. Blaney.  He served in this capacity until 1988. The school became overcrowded with the emergence of World War 2's children into the public school system, and an addition was added in 1958.  Our teachers were talanted, dedicated, and unified to provide their pupils with the very best fundamental educations available.  Their efforts resulted in the remarkable contributions of Winn Brook graduates to the achievements of the Class of '61 at BHS. 

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