Senior Play

Kevin Clifford sent in these behind the scenes pictures getting ready for the senior play.

Mary Jane Koerner (played Marcia) is in the foreground, Eleanor "Ellie" Fitzpatrick (played Granny) is in the background and the play advisor, Miss Zimmerman is sitting down.

Joe Santamaria (center) getting his make-up. The little boy on the left played Pud. Linda Magri is standing behind Joe. Miss Zimmerman is sitting on the desk and I don't know who the girl on the right is.

Miss Zimmerman (left) and Yvonne Bourget (right) are turning Joe Santamaria's (center with face covered) hair white. Joe played Gramps.

Pud is getting his makeup from Yvonne Bourget.

Joe Santamaria in character as Gramps.

Eleanor "Ellie" Fitzpatrick (center) getting makeup with Miss Zimmerman (left) supervising. Ellie played Granny.

Joe Santamaria and Eleanor Fitzpatrick in character as Gramps and Granny.

Gordon Kiefer (left) played Mr. Grimes. Stephen Smith (center) played the sheriff. Fred Ferris (right) played Dr. Evans.

Thanks for sending the pictures, Kevin! Any other pictures, or anything else anyone would like to comment on the play, please send them to me.

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